Monday, August 13, 2012

Free Chemo Cap Patterns - Sewn Chemo Caps - Knit Chemo Caps - Crochet Chemo Caps

I've noticed there have been quite a few searches for chemo cap patterns.  I decided to search the web and find some free patterns for charity crafters.

Links checked on 3/22/2014:  If you have a link to suggest leave it in the comments below.  I will add it to the list.  Thanks!  Cindy

Running Around Kerchief - crochet (not full coverage so it is great for warmer weather).  I made this for my mom when she was going through chemo. She loved it.

Chemotherapy Turbans

Creative Kindness Beret

Headhuggers - sewn, knitted and crocheted patterns

Banded Scrub Hat - sewing tutorial

Covering our Hair - links to different patterns

Reversible Chemo Hat - sewing pattern

Chemo Cap for Sewing - (pdf file)  From the Heart - more patterns here.



Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Thank you for including the link to my chemo-cap/head scarf tutorial.

Carolle Hamilton said...

I am looking for a pattern for a hat type that my friend would like. Apparently it is a long tube like and u put on head then twist somehow to make a comfy turbin type. If anyone knows of it PLESze help my find this do I can make she some :)

TuPazzo said...
Hope this helps. I haven't tried it yet but it looks nice. Best wishes & good luck to your friend. Also see this website:
Ordered one for myself, they look nice.

Elaine said...

Love your site - I wear my chemo scarf almost all the time. Now I'm hand dyeing silk scarves which can also be used to cover our heads. At some point I'll be adding instructions on tying and wearing these scarves.

Thanks for your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making these patterns available in one spot! :)

Pat M said...

Several links are broken or discontinued. I'm looking for the dew-rag type with the long tails. Anyone have any suggestions. I'm wanting to make for my friend who is just starting Chemo. Thanks for any help.

Cindy Abel said...

Thanks! I just cleaned up the list and removed the ones that are no longer active. I added a crocheted kerchief I made for my mom when she was going through chemo.

Anonymous said...

Doo rag can be found here