Sunday, October 28, 2012

Changes Coming and Thank You

Hello Everyone!

I have decided that I will no longer be updating or maintaining this blog.  I have loved doing this since I started it many years ago.  However, it doesn't make sense for me to maintain separate blogs anymore.

I will not delete any posts.  I will be removing the current participants from the list.

Meanwhile, I will be starting a new blog (continuation of my current blog) and invite you to sign up to my mailing list   The new blog is in progress.  You can see it here and sign up for updates here.

My plan is to create a blog where I inspire you to create a space (physical and/or emotional)  where you can reclaim the aahh of your existence.  A place of groundedness, rejuvenation, comfort, expression, exploration, creativity, craft and healing. 

I will definitely continue to share my charity crafting projects there.  I hope you will sign up so we can continue to be in touch.

Thank you.  I have enjoyed this blog and been inspired by all of your craft creations for charity.  You are doing wonderful things for others.  I know everything you do is appreciated by the people who receive your handcrafted gifts.


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